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  1. Some Mac users have been experiencing issues with Sims 4 Tray Importer since upgrading to macOS Sierra. For example: -- The application "bounces" in the Dock and then disappears. -- Mono Framework doesn't work. -- The application cannot find The Sims 4 files. This tutorial will show you how to install and run S4TI correctly. 1. Download the required files Firstly, you need to download both Sims 4 Tray Importer and Mono Framework. @deevo has uploaded an updated version of S4TI for Sierra HERE that includes a debug window. I suggest that you download that option as seen to the left. Update: It's recommended to download the latest release version from here. Next, download Mono Framework. You must download the Universal Installer or the application will not work. There are two sources available to download the framework from. They should both work the same way, but if you don't have success with one, try the other. Update: Latest version require Mono 5.16 (macOS 10.9+) or 5.18 (macOS 10.12+), other versions of Mono might not work with the current version. Source 1: HERE Source 2: HERE 2. Install files Secondly, you need to install the files that you've just downloaded. Some think that you only need to download the Universal Installer to use it. However, you do indeed need to install it. You should have two files in your Downloads folder that look similar to those on the left. Begin by opening the Mono Framework file. You will be directed through the installer. Follow the prompts until finished (just hit the "continue" button over and over again, really). Once you have installed the framework, unzip the S4TI file that you downloaded. The application will now appear in your downloads. If you try to open it from this location it will not work. Click and drag S4TI into your Applications folder. 3. Open and enjoy! Open the application. This may take a few moments as the application loads your library. Happy Simming! If S4TI does not load your library: -- Take a look at the debug window (S4TI > Debug). No lines should be blank and you should see the word "True" in three locations. If you happen to see the word "False", this is your issue. The application is having difficulty finding the location of an aspect of your game. -- Try changing file locations (S4TI > Select Game Folder). -- Reinstall your game. Make sure to backup your saves, Tray, Mods, etc! -- Take a look at THIS POST for more information.
  2. Mise à jour ! Changements/Changes • Corrigé un plantage lors de la modification de l'emplacement du jeu. ------------------------------------------------- • Fixed a crash when trying to change the game path. 2019-05-12 Changements/Changes • Ajouter l'option « Retirer l'indication 'Modifié(e)' ». • Corrigé la configuration du jeu. • Corrigé un plantage causé par une mauvaise « datation » d'un élément de la bibliothèque. ------------------------------------------------- • Added "Remove 'Modified' Flag". • Fixed the game setting dialog. • Fixed a crash caused by a bad 'timestamp' on an item of the library. Télécharger/Download
  3. Mise à jour ! Changements/Changes • Corrigé un problème de chargement de ressource après avoir retravaillé le code. - La liste des packs requis était affectée par ce bug. ------------------------------------------------- • Fixed a problem to load resources after refactoring some codes. - The list of required packs was affected by this bug. Télécharger/Download 2019-02-22 • [Préférences] - Corrigé un problème pour définir l'emplacement du jeu. La modification n'était pas enregistrée. ------------------------------------------------- • [Preferences] - Fixed an issue when trying to define the game location. The change was not saved. 2019-02-10 • [Contenu personnalisé] - Corrigé l'affichage de dépendances introuvables alors qu'elles sont installées. ------------------------------------------------- • [Custom Contents] - Fixed report of missing dependencies even if they are available. 2019-02-05 • [Préférences] - Corrigé un problème lors de l'enregistrement. • [Outils]Trouver les conflits - Permet de sélectionner les dossiers à scanner. - Ajouter une option pour nettoyer le cache. • Désactivé le moniteur de fichiers. (redémarrer l'application pour corriger les fichiers erronés) • ContentIndex 2019-01-11. ------------------------------------------------- • [Preferences] - Fixed a save issue. • [Tools]Find Conflicts - Allow to select which folders to scan. - Added an option to clear the file cache. • Disabled the file monitor. (restart S4TI to fix invalid files) • ContentIndex 2019-01-11. Télécharger/Download
  4. Hi! I just downloaded the Sims 4 Tray Importer and all is working well bar the fact that when I right-click an item of custom content, the 'Google this' is greyed out. Am I missing something or id it just not available for Mac?
  5. Voici une version temporaire le temps de corriger les problèmes avec la version actuelle. Sims4TrayImporter_20181014-1.zip - corrigé ! Changements : ● [CP]Ajouté «Copier ...» au menu contextuel. nouveau ◦ Copier vers ...[dossier], Nom de fichier, Nom, Id, Clé (TGI) ● [CP/Exporter]Corrigé un vieux problème de date pour les fichiers. nouveau ● [Fenêtres systèmes]Corrigé un problème de traduction. nouveau ● Déplacé «Remplacer une image» dans le menu Édition. ● [Préférences]Recorrigé l'enregistrement et le chargement. ● [Exporter]Corrigé l'exportation du contenu personnalisé qui ne fonctionnait plus depuis la dernière beta. ● [Exporter]Détection de conflits et doublons. ● [CP/Exporter]Ajouté le support des dossiers personnalisés aussi utilisés pour le contenu fusionné. (voir les Préférences) ● [CP/Exporter]Affiche la taille totale des groupes. ● [CP/Exporter]Contenu personnalisé groupé. ● [CP/Exporter]Affiche les dépendances et les ressources manquantes. Changes: ● [CC]Added 'Copy ...' to the context menu. new ◦ Copy to...[folder], Filename, Name, Id, Key (TGI) ● [CC/Export]Fixed an old date issue for files. new ● [System Dialogs]Fixed a localization issue. new ● Moved «Replace image» to Edit menu. ● [Preferences]Fixed saving/loading again. ● [Export]Exporting was no longer working since last unofficial beta. ● [Export]Detect conflicts and duplicates. ● [CC/Export]Add support for custom folders also used for merged content. (see Preferences) ● [CC/Export]Show total size of groups. ● [CC/Export]Custom content is now grouped. ● [CP/Exporter]Now show dependencies and missing resources.
  6. Bonjour ! J'ai un petit problème, je veux me débarrasser de certains CC et comme d'habitude je mets les CC dont je veux me débarrasser sur un sim que j'enregistre dans ma bibliothèque, puis je vais dans le Tray Importer et je les supprime. Seulement voilà, quand je clique sur "contenus personnalisés", l'application crash et se ferme toute seule. Impossible d'accéder à mes CC, et ce pour n'importe quel sim de ma galerie. Je ne sais pas d'où vient le problème, j'ai bien téléchargé la maj du Tray Importer pour Mac, mon ordi est à jour et il n'y a pas trop de CC sur les sims en question. J'espère que vous pourrez m'aider, merci d'avance !
  7. So, I play the Sims on and off and am trying to start a tumblr page where I post my custom content finds and therefore need Sims 4 Tray Importer to find the names of custom content I used. I also need it to locate my bad custom content! I just downloaded a load of new custom content and have a lot of bad ones, but when I open the app, it opens fine and then I click on a household and my mac alerts me that S4TI closed unexpectedly. I figured out I needed to update so I deleted my old app and found this website and downloaded the .exe package without realizing my mac couldn't open it. So, I clicked on the link for the mac compatible app, but the website tells me the page cannot be found. Help! How do I get this link????
  8. I need help! My sims 4 tray importer isnt working at all. I use it to remove cc that i do not want and it is not connecting to my sims 4 account or gallery. It also doesnt let me click on anything except for files, general and cc. It just shows up blank. I also cant re-download the mac version because it is not on the website anymore. Any solutions? Or any other cc removers for mac?
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