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  1. @deevo thank you sooooo much it worked
  2. @deevo ---------------------- App info... ---------------------- Version : Release : 10/25/2020 ---------------------- OS ---------------------- OSName : OS XEl Captitan OSVersion : 10.11 OSType : 64bit Process : 64bit ---------------------- Framework info... ---------------------- Version : (2020-02/c621c35ffa0) ---------------------- Game ---------------------- Product : The Sims 4 Legacy Edition Locale : en_US IsGameInstalled : True App (InstallDir) : /Users/**
  3. @deevo it was installed in my downlaods but I moved it to the apllications to see if that worked but it didn't. It is still in my applications.
  4. hello @deevo what would i change it to because ive changed it before
  5. when i open tray importer none of my sims or households are showing up. i use a macbook
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