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  1. Hi @deevo, so I just tried the new file you recommended and I replaced the old one with the new one in the applications folder. However, everything is still the same. am I doing something wrong ? EDIT: I actually was just able to fix the cc part and I can now see the cc list on my households etc but my problem keeps being the thumbnails and the app quitting once I try to change a thumbnail.
  2. Hi! @deevo so I have successfully installed the latest version of trayimporter on my Mac. However, when I open it none of the thumbnails are appearing and if I try to replace the thumbnail image the program just quits. Is there any solution for this? This is my set up: MacPro 2017 with Big Sur OS Sims 4 Installed in an external SSD (including the electronic arts folder where mods are), btw the program can read the mods if I run the conflict finder. I also attached some screenshots (I couldn't add the image to the post so here you have the links): https:
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