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  1. Finally got it!!!! This worked! Thank you so much!! So kind, thank you for your help and happy holidays!! much love<33
  2. This is what the app report keeps saying. I don't understand why it says false? ---------------------- App info... ---------------------- Version : Release : 10/25/2020 ---------------------- OS ---------------------- OSName : macOS High Sierra OSVersion : 10.13 OSType : 64bit Process : 64bit ---------------------- Framework info... ---------------------- Version : (2019-12/5d03a6fe116) ---------------------- Game ---------------------- Product : The Sims 4 Locale : en_US IsG
  3. its still saying saying its searching for the cc even after pasting that into the data path. all the lots show up but the cc keeps on being red.
  4. THANK YOU FOR REPLYING, this is the app report! sorry i replied so late, i got depressed my game wasn't working. it jus kept crashing. but i'm trying to get it to work again!
  5. I seriously can't afford the full game until my birthday. But I really love this game and all I want to do is get rid of the bad cc. Please help me out, I tried everything. I really need their to be a solution, this game is my only happy place.. thank you.
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