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  1. I deleted the save and tried it again in a new save, saved it as a new lot and it seemed to work so not sure what the problem was but it's fixed now! Thanks anyway!
  2. All lots work apart from one that I created last night. I put the two rooms as separate rooms and saved them to my library individually as well as the whole lot. Neither the lot or the separate rooms load any cc in the importer. There is no furniture but loads of cc wallpapers and floorings that I want to remove if that is relevant. Every other lot and room in my tray works normally and shows cc. I'm on windows, have the latest version of S4TI and I have all packs.
  3. Hi, when using the tray importer I can see what CAS cc I have equipped to a sim but when looking at my lots and rooms the cc is not showing up at all. The CC tab is staying blank as if none has been used however every single thing in the room was cc as I'm trying to sort through my cc to delete what I don't want. There are no error messages and the lots and rooms are showing up normally, just without the list of cc. Please help, thank you. To add, it is working for some of my lots but not the one I am specifically trying to look for the cc on.
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