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  1. It worked! Thank you so much!
  2. I found my families but the initial problem persists. It says "Searching for CC is currently not available. Please open preferences to set up the game." The CC works fine in the game but it isn't recognising it here. I do have icloud on because I have no space but I have the all Sims folders downloaded onto the computer. Please help! ---------------------- App info... ---------------------- Version : Release : 11/20/2019 ---------------------- OS ---------------------- OSName : macOS High Sierra OSVersion : 10.13 OSType : 64bit Process : 64bit ---------------------- Framework info... ---------------------- Version : 4.2.1 (explicit/6dd2d0d) ---------------------- Game ---------------------- Product : The Sims 4 Locale : en_US IsGameInstalled : False App (InstallDir) : /Applications/The Sims 4.app InstallDirExists : True App (DataPath) : /Users/****************/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 DataPathExists : True Launcher : The Sims 4 SaveDir : /Users/****************/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 SaveDirExists : True FileCount : 325
  3. I opened up my Sims 4 tray importer and tried to clear out a bunch of broken CC but even though the families were showing up along with the base game content the CC was not. The preferences window popped up. I pressed cancel but it didn't fix it. It popped up again so I hit the Default button and thought maybe that would fix it but now everything has disappeared completely! No families no CC, all blank. It can't read anything. I tried downloading a fresh version if S4TI but it still cant find anything. Please help!
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