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  1. It was the other categories that were putting extra cc in it. I thought babs lamore was suppose to be cc free. ty for the help and being so patient.
  2. That makes since so it is the other categories that's probably putting the unwanted cc in it. never thought of that.
  3. yeah I was. I put 3 cc on the sim and had 8 or 9 cc on it in S4TI
  4. thanks so much for all your help. I guess I will just delete those that I can thanks again
  5. Ok I think I understand what about missing cc. I do the same thing chose a dress a hair and shoes that show up black and I get extra cc with it is that the same thing that is happening with it?
  6. Ok this is what I do I choose babs and put on the cc I want on it then save it to gallery when I open it in s4TI. I get extra cc that is not my recolors or the meshes that go to it. How do I stop that from happening
  7. it's babs lamore household CODEX_Household_1_0x007c0889b0d10026.zip
  8. it works it's except there is extra outfits and stuff that I didn't put on the sim
  9. No it's not the same mesh it's different meshes. All different group id.
  10. no 1 full outfit 1 hair and 1 pair of shoes. I just made a completely new sim to see whose meshes I was using and this is what I got.I gave you a legend so you can see what I am talking about. Hopefully it's a little more clear
  11. there not the same id I added screen shots
  12. No thats not it. I made a sim I put a dress, shoes and hair that was miss(that's all)when I open the file in s4ti there's 9 files. They're not grayed. like there are 2 dress not the same file
  13. When I make a sims file to see what cc I am missing. It gives extra cc, Like I have a dress a hair and shoes. (3 items ) when I open the file it has 6 to 8 files if not more. Some times it shows the same thing that I already fixed. Could you tell me how to fix this Thanks for any help in advance
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