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Everything posted by PeanutButterJelly200

  1. It works now! Thank you very much for the fix.
  2. Sorry for my stupidity but do I post the full log here?
  3. Yup but now I deleted everything and only installed the latest version, it still gives me an error every time I open a package.
  4. I have both the old one and the latest version. (I thought that the latest version won't have the modified version that you gave me last time I asked so I kept it ) Could it be possible because the old version was not replaced by the latest one?
  5. Oh, now it just gives me a notification about some error and I just click Continue and now it works. (I don't know why it always gives me an error notification now )
  6. Hello! I am having problems with the ClientFullBuild2.package from the EP04 expansion (can be found The Sims 4 > EP04 > ClientFullBuild2 ). I wanted to extract all files as .png and during the process of extracting, Image Viewer crashes every time. I also tried scrolling to view all the files inside the package but it also crashes every time. Can someone help me?
  7. @deevo Thanks! that's much better! I am trying to find a specific icon in the game files and I don't want to scroll for an eternity finding it. XD
  8. Hello! Is it possible to sort by count? I am trying to find specific files and the textures are mostly has a Count # 2 and up, with this sort feature available, I can sort and can easily scroll and find the file that I needed.
  9. @deevo Awesome!!! Thank You for helping.
  10. I hope that Tray Importer will give the specific name of the CC that is not downloaded in my mods folder. It is so hard to search for the CC used by the creator since I don't know the name of the missing CC.
  11. Hi, hi do i sort it so only DST5 images only shows up? I am trying to find the collection images such as the gardening an etc. like this: (found this on some other forums) but it would be better to know how to find it myself for future purposes. thank you
  12. @deevo Thank You so much! sorry for this late reply I was away during the weekends.
  13. Yes, It is just I was fascinated with the icons of the buffs and as a person that collects everything I feel I have to extract and organize them for satisfaction (sorry if it sounds weird)
  14. Oh , when I extract the buff icons and other icons it doesn't have name? only the instance number right? because I looked sims 4 icons on the internet and I found some and they have names like alien.png and airplane.png
  15. @deevo oh another question. How do I know the name of the buffs? it only shows me some numbers like 0x00000000!0x828cf46af75a23ff.0x00b2d882 when I click "copy name".
  16. This one I pressed convert to PNG. as you can see it is blurry when i make it full screen in my computer. and this one is from Olideg's outdoor retreat. it will stay its quality when stretched in a wider screen.
  17. Hi guys! I started using S4IV but when I extract or convert an icon it stretches when put in bigger size. How can I extract icons without it stretching when making it bigger? Thank You.
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