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While some cookies will almost always be set by the Suite, there are some cookies that are set only in very specific circumstances.  If you have a need to identify all cookies the Suite may set, the following is a list of cookies and their intended purposes.

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This cookie is set by javascript and then later read to determine if javascript is supported in the user agent.

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This cookie is set by javascript to detect the user's local time zone so that the software can adapt the displaying of times automatically.

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This cookie would track that a user has acknowledged the splash screen in the Moderator CP so that it is not shown again.

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When a forum has a specific password set, this cookie is set once a user logs in to that forum to validate that they have logged in on subsequent page loads.

  • ips4_thumbnailSize (Gallery only)

This cookie tracks what type of table layout to use in Gallery listings (list view, small thumbnails or large thumbnails)

Be aware that third party addons may set cookies as well, and that third party services integrated with the Suite (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Logins) may also set their own cookies.





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  1. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    @deevo Sorry for the long lapse time. Finals, you know. I did find the folder you were directing me towards. However I am having trouble editing the file. Every time I try to open it, this message appears. Screenshot.jp2
  2. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    Im feeling really dense but Ive looked several times and cant find a library folder or an application support folder
  3. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    Im sorry it's taken so long to respond! Ive had exams and been a little busy. Remove the settings file in the last zip you gave me to install? Debug is also back to being greyed out
  4. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    Didn't work I re-downloaded the Mac beta version too just to start new. This time however the "debug" option worked and a window with text came up. I read in another thread it should say "true" three times down the line. But mine says "false" "false" and the last one is "true". Did I download something incorrectly?
  5. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    By this do you mean a word doc? I made the folder and then attempted to make another folder inside it named "Sims4.GameInfos.Settings.xml" But then I couldn't paste the text in it. And then I attempted to make a word doc with the code pasted and name it "Sims4.GameInfos.Settings.xml" But it insisted it use ".docx" instead.
  6. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    Yes that is the version I've downloaded. I saw you suggest it on a couple of other semi relevant threads.
  7. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    Do you mean the sim game saves? Its called "saves" Or do mean the whole sims game folder in Documents? Because that one is just called Electronic Arts. I did find the Debug option but its greyed out. It's not clickable.
  8. jude28

    S4TI stuck on config window loop

    I have carefully followed the directions to download the S4TI on Macbook air High Sierra 10.13.1. And I cant get it to work. The program loads up and opens but the config window comes up asking me to save the setting or something, I hit save, it says it needs to restart so it does and then it goes right back to the same thing. If I close out of the config window and proceed to the program its empty and the few options it allows me to click on causes the program to crash and it asks if i would like to restart. I've uninstall and reinstall a few times now. I have the program in my apps folder. I installed the universal Mono framework recommended. The sims and mods folders have not been moved. What am I missing?? I also read something about a debug feature and I have no idea where to find that.