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  1. I don't use stuff from packs I do not have installed 5 min is definitely too short and actually a bad idea, because people should be able to edit their post if they later (past 5 min.) realize some typo or missed to add something and want to edit their post. Would save spamming the forum. It should be a permanent option in my opinion and also an option to even delete a post like most other forums have. Where is the edit button? There is no edit option, not even in the 5 min. time window. Just checked..
  2. Hi there That is some GREAT news! I haven‘t used the program in a long while since the newer updates always gave me false info about missing CC and mesh when they are clearly in game. Will check out your newest version
  3. Once you click on Game File Cruiser a list will generate with allot of options to click. It will show you all game DATA's from A-Z and where it's located. Try it out and see if it can be of help for you. Once registered you can download the newest S4S version on the download page Here Installer version an a ZIP file version available.
  4. Exactly! Hint: You could use the S4S Game File Cruiser in the Tool Tab to view all the game resources
  5. I did not create new ones, I just exported the existing ones and re-imported them so Studio will list them in the Warehouse. If they are not listed in the Warehouse, your program can not find them. Until you find a better way this is a good workaround for users IF the red entries bother them.
  6. Yes you are right. There is no need for me to ask the "Studio team" (which I belong to (Staff section) ) because I figured it out myself and fixed it Ok, the problem was that Studio does create the shadow, specular and normal resources, but does not include them in the Warehouse nor the Geometry files. That's why S4TI couldn't find them and marked them as missing files, which is totally understandable. So I exported the shadow, specular and normal files, and re-imported them. After that all files were generated in the Warehouse incl. the Geometry files. Now S4TI can find what it needs and no more red entries on my Pets clothings Good thing we discussed this which made me realize what the problem is/was - I hope that my find is helpful to you and maybe to some other users here as well. I might write a mini tutorial in S4S about this issue After re-import files are visible in Studio Warehouse Re-checking the files in S4TI
  7. Done I'd sent you a package with some collars for dogs. Hope it helps.
  8. Yes I could upload my Dog with his new clothings and send you the link via PM if that's ok.
  9. As you probably know, Sims 4 Studio is able to import png textures too, not only DDS. In all my recolors and creations (for private use only) I use png textures because the resolution is much better in png. I just rcently created Pets stuff (mesh by EA), and as you can see in the previous pictures 2, 3 and 4, all files say not found. In game (CAS and live mode) all my CC is showing fine. Also the red entries for hair "missing mesh" must be wrong because they also show fine in game. If a mesh was missing, the Sim would be baldy. In the previous S4TI versions there were red entries when a thumbnail was missing on hair, remember? The game only showed the first swatch thumbnail for hair and leaves the rest of the swatches empty. Your software therefore gave out missing entries because of that. You fixed it by adding swatch color recognition. Since then I did not have anymore of those missing entries. But lately I'm having ALLOT of those again since the newest updates. So something is wrong in your software
  10. Hi there! Thanks for the reply. As I have said I'm using your latest version, see picture. I really don't understand this I've been having most of my CC's since ages and never had these red entries, but since the newest updates I have them. It's driving me nuts LOL When right-clicking those files they will show in my mods folder, and when I look at them with S4S all the needed textures are in there. Some of them even say a mesh is missing which is not true. So I don't know what to do with all these red entries Could it be the that the software does not recognize PNG files and therefore comes up with all those files not found entries? Because when I open the package all the textures are there. All my new created Pets stuff also shows as files not found although they are there. Maybe I should just stop looking up my files with this software
  11. Hello @deevo As many people have posted in the past I also have allot of red entries saying <file not found> I really don't understand why it says that. There are no meshes missing because I have them all, and even on my just newly created CC for Pets it says that. As a matter of fact I have red entries in most all of my Sim familes. All my CC do have the needed mesh, but still I get those very confusing entries. Is there a bug in the latest software updates? because I never ever had sooo many red entries in previous S4TI I made some screenshots for you to see what I'm talking about. Those are just a very few from the so many entries - What's all those TXTM and TXTR files mean? My game is fully patched and I use the latest S4TI. Any clarification would be very much appreciated, thank you.
  12. A user wrote here somewhere a couple of month ago that when exporting Sims or houses with CC, that the sub folders where the CC‘s are in were not included anymore. That happened after a new update. Maybe it was just a glitch.
  13. Speaking of CC. I read somewhere that the exported CC‘s are not sorted in its mods sub folders anymore like before. I wouldn‘t know because I haven‘t used the program in a long while. So, is that true? I hope not
  14. You‘re right! I fogot all about the CC‘s. Hm, I guess a multiselect is sure useless then
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