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  1. There is only 9 files in your Tray folder, but everything seems fine unless you have switched the language at some point. Make sure you're not only uploading them to the gallery. S4TI only works with the Library which is offline.
  2. Run the App Reports and post the result (look on the taskbar).
  3. deevo

    Mac CC not showing.

    Hello @Lemonillie, Run App Reports from the taskbar and paste the result.
  4. Hello @ktlsyrtis, If you have renamed the .trayitem files, they may not show up. Check your Documents folder, if you find more than on Sims 4 folder inside Documents/Electronict Arts/ make sure the app if set to load the game in the proper language. If you have the Legacy Edition, make sure the option is selected in the app Preferences else it will load your old save folder.
  5. Bonjour @Shintoka, Le champ Donnée est incorrecte. Regarde ici searching for cc not available (anglais). The Data field is incorrect. Look here searching for cc not available.
  6. Hello @ReRe2004, Open Origin and try to Repair the game to fix the broken registry path. or Uncheck Auto Detect and change the path in the Game Folder field.
  7. Hello @Mio2010, The resource ID is useless on Google, creators almost never write the resource ID, that's why the option is disabled. You'll need to contact the author of that household to get the list of CC used to create it or look if he/she have a blog where the list of CC is written. You can also search the name of that household with the name of the author.
  8. @simmersim look here: https://luniversims.com/forums/topic/8557-faq-troubleshooting-macos/
  9. Salut @Lyykyy, est-ce que tu as essayé de lancer une nouvelle partie pour voir si le problème ne proviendrait pas de ta partie ?
  10. Hello @loyalite, Latest Downloads is the startup page. To see your CC you must select an item from the library, then a description of the selected item will appear on the right hand side. There will be three tabs, General, Files and CC, select the CC tab to view all the CC used for the selected item. If you just want to browse your CC, you better use Sims 4 Studio.
  11. Bon voilà, j'ai réuni les deux messages. Si tu es train d'installer le jeu, c'est que tu es connectée à Origin ? Si je me trompe pas, il faudra aussi acheter le jeu pour ce nouveau compte. Donc c'est peut-être mieux ainsi. Probablement causé par le fait que l'installation du jeu occupe toute la bande passante ou que Origin est en mode hors-ligne ?
  12. Si Origin est toujours ouvert et connecté chez Mémé, c'est une possibilité ! ^^ On ne peut pas connecter plus d'un ordi sur le même compte, mais le second peut jouer hors-ligne ou vice versa. Solution : Demander à Mémé de fermer Origin ou passer Origin en mode hors-ligne. Ou Se rendre sur le site d'Origin.com et déconnecter tous les ordis connectés.
  13. Nice tip @Jayshivers69, I have updated the FAQ here: https://luniversims.com/forums/topic/8557-faq-troubleshooting-macos/
  14. deevo


    Hello @Debbyex, Se você estiver no Windows, abra Arquivo>Configurações. Se você estiver em um Mac, abra as Preferências do aplicativo. If you're on Windows, open File>Settings. If you're on a Mac, open the app's Preferences.
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