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  1. This is not an error but a warning to point out that the trayitem file format has been updated but S4TI is still using the previous one. This happen after a game update. As long the changes are not too big it should be ok as S4TI keeps track of unrecognized entries so that they can be moved back in to the file.
  2. Have you tried to open the Preferences panel to change the game path?
  3. Bonjour @luciee_, tu as tenté de modifier les chemins dans Paramètres ?
  4. Hello @_angie_, open the Preferences panel and change the game path. Check that the proper game language is selected else nothing will be shown in the list. If you have the Legacy Edition make sure to check that option. And make sure your creations are saved in the Library, S4TI doesn't work with the Gallery. If you're still having problems, run the App Reports.
  5. Hello @Kajecznik, Sims4.GameInfos.Settings.xml is deprecated. Open Settings (Preferences on Mac) and change the path there.
  6. Bonjour @graphito, Si tu as très peu de contenu personnalisé, tu peux vérifier les sources où ils ont été télécharger pour t'assurer que tous les fichiers ont été téléchargés (principalement les meshes). Côté logicielles, tu as Sims 4 Studio qui permet de visualiser le contenu hors jeu et Tray Importer qui permet de connaître le contenu utilisé par une création.
  7. deevo

    Library is empty

    Preferences and App Reports should be accessible from the task bar.
  8. deevo

    Library is empty

    Hello @MadelineJM, If it was working before applying the settings, open the Preferences panel and try to reset the values. If you still have trouble, post a screenshot or run the App Reports and post it here.
  9. @singerlover9, I uploaded a new version here: https://luniversims.com/forums/topic/9091-s4ti-11082-mise-à-jour-5-août-win/?do=findComment&comment=125773 Let me know if it works.
  10. Version (2020-08-22) [Français] --------------------------------------------- • Augmentation du délai avant que S4TI tente d'annuler le scan de contenus personnalisés. Cela devrait résoudre le problème avec un gros dossier Mods et un disque dur très lent. [English] ---------------------------------------------- • Increased the time before S4TI attempts to cancel the CC scan. This should fix an issue with large Mods folder and slow hard drive. S4TI_unified_inst_200822.zip
  11. Yep, the export option is not affected by the time limitation. I will increment the timer so that it could run at least 10 min.
  12. S4TI is programmed to stop the scan after 5 min to prevent a thread deadlock and will return an empty list. To see how big your Mods folder is, right-click on it then select Properties.
  13. Hello @singerlover9, what kind of CC, CAS or Objects? How big is your Mods folder? Could it be related to Build/Buy CC not showing up in tray importer?
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