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  1. deevo

    How To See Households

    Hello @sleepy, InstallDir on Mac is the location of The Sims 4 app. The default location is /Applications/The Sims or ~/Applications/The Sims But if you have changed the default location of your Origin Library you'll need to change the path like this <Enter Your Origin Library>/The Sims
  2. deevo

    S4TI - Public Beta (MacOS) - 2018-09-09

    Thanks for your reply, I get the same result on Windows, but ~3 times the size with about the same number of items. Maybe because some items are skipped while scrolling? Anyway I already figured out the problem and it's the thumbnail caching. By disabling image caching the memory usage drops to ~50MB-~80MB and there doesn't seem to have any performance hit! So turning off image caching will be! Sorry for the confusion, the 50MB and ~100MB were for a normal operation, no memory leak.
  3. deevo

    S4TI - Public Beta (MacOS) - 2018-09-09

    Hello @twmuse, Can you confirm a high memory leak on your side? Scrolling the library will quickly increase memory usage while it should be almost stable. Memory usage should be around 50MB with some peaks at ~100MB.
  4. deevo

    CC not showing up in Sims 4 Tray Importer

    Hello @Qash MemeLord, Where is the game installed? Open FILE>Config Paths, then try to set C:\The Sims 4 in the Install Location field.
  5. deevo

    S4TI - Public Beta (MacOS) - 2018-09-09

    Nouvelle beta ! Vous pouvez maintenant importer/exporter vos paramètres, ce qui devrait vous aider à démarrer en quelques secondes ! Le contenu des listes devraient mieux s'ajuster ! La bibliothèque vient tout juste de recevoir son propre menu. Note: Afficher le menu pour des éléments non sélectionnés peut produire des résultat inattendus. English New beta here! You can now import/export your settings, which should help you get started in seconds! The contents of the lists should adjust a little better! The library has just received a menu. Note: Showing the menu on unselected items may produce unpredictable results.
  6. deevo

    Sims 4 Tray Importer Config Game won't go away!

    If you still have trouble, here's a version that allow to import/export your settings.
  7. deevo

    Sims 4 Tray Importer Config Game won't go away!

    The Library folder is hidden by default, but take a look here: Show the Library Folder in High Sierra @Klarissa Conner, try the option above.
  8. deevo

    Sims 4 Tray Importer Config Game won't go away!

    What is the language displayed in the Config box? By default it should be already set to English! Try to locate the game using Spotlight:
  9. deevo

    S4TI <file not found>

    I'm already registerer! I will take a look. Thanks!
  10. deevo

    S4TI <file not found>

    Does the Game File Cruiser show also the resource location?
  11. deevo

    S4TI <file not found>

    That's what I'm saying, if S4S can export them they must be stored somewhere. The Warehouse may not list resources already included in the game. Only if they don't want any red entries!
  12. deevo

    Sims 4 Tray Importer Config Game won't go away!

    So you must use ~/Applications/The Sims else you can also try /Users/new/Applications/The Sims Locale is the region language of the game. What is the language of the game? You can check it through Origin. The settings will reset to default one if any of them are wrong.
  13. deevo

    S4TI <file not found>

    The SpecularMap is part of the game, but I just can't find it for some reasons. If S4S can import it, it must exist somewhere or S4S just create a new one? Maybe it's just a bug in the game?! I don't think you need to create new ones unless you need to modify the original rendering. I'm still going to create an exclusion list until I find where those base game resources are stored if they even exist somewhere.
  14. deevo

    Sims 4 Tray Importer Config Game won't go away!

    Oops, I made a typo... try ~/Applications/The Sims Else what is the library location defined in Origin? see Also, locale must match the language set in game.