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  1. deevo

    Unhandled exception

    0x00000001 is for household 0x00000002 is for lot The selected one starts with 0x00000001 which is not what your are looking for. The original files can be found here: melapples' Becca - hallway (thesimsresource.com) Type 0x09390ceb24f80983 in the Explorer's search box. Update: Here's the fixed S4TI S4TI_unified_inst_210414-3.zip Let me know if it works.
  2. deevo

    Unhandled exception

    Looks like the original file was renamed and is causing the error. Since you have the timestamp of the file (4/3/2021 Open your Tray folder Sort the folder by Date Look for a .trayitem file with the matching date that doesn't start with 0x00000003! or one near a .rmi or .room file. There should be at least 4 files (1x .trayitem, 2x .rmi and 1x .room) but since the thumbnails (.rmi files) are missing, the count should be 2 or 1 only. Or wait for the fix.
  3. deevo

    Unhandled exception

    Hello @PokaNYC, Please post a screenshot of the Files tab. Do you have the latest version?
  4. Hello @alexauhhh, If the library is empty, you need to change the settings in app's Preferences. If you mean the pictures do not show up, this is a bug with Big Sur and there is no workaround.
  5. deevo

    Won't google items

    Hello @Meia93, Items in red do not exist, which is why the Show containing folder and the Google option are disabled. Finding the creator's site/blog or contacting the creator would be your best options to download the missing CCs.
  6. Bonjour @Sassa971, Ce sont la même version du jeu de base. La première est la nouvelle apparence de la couverture et la seconde est l'ancienne apparence. Comme le jeu doit être téléchargé sur Origin ou Steam, il n'y aura pas de différence. Tous les jeux (packs) ont besoin d'Origin pour fonctionner, même la version Steam.
  7. Hello @Olive Garden, Have you tried the chmod trick? Open Terminal, Type chmod +x (don't forget the space after +x) Drag the app bundle onto the Terminal, this will append the app path without having to type it. You should now have something like chmod +x /Downloads/Sims4TrayImporter.app Append /Contents/MacOS/Sims4TrayImporter The full command should now look like this: chmod +x /Downloads/Sims4TrayImporter.app/Contents/MacOS/Sims4TrayImporter Press Enter. This will set the missing executable bit that your Mac fails to restore due to security
  8. Hello @applelovin, Open the Preferences dialog then change the game language, you may also need to fix the game location. You can also open App Reports to see more details.
  9. The game may generate random outfits, if all outfit categories are not cleared and some CCs are allowed for random, they will appear in the CC list. If you are on Windows, you should be able to use the filter boxes to only show the outfits used in the CAS to put the broken CCs.
  10. Hello @Tee, By default all outfits are shown, make sure to select the ones used to put the broken CCs.
  11. Hello @spoookycatz, The Google option only works if the CC is installed. Your best bet is to find the creator's site or blog to get the list of required CC.
  12. Hello @Pip, Check if Windows is up to date. Try to repair Windows to see if it can help fix your problem: Right-click on the Start button (Win logo) Select PowerShell as admin or Command Prompt as admin Type sfc /scannow then press Enter Also if you use an app to skin the windows, like WindowBlinds, try to disable it, a recent update could've caused the issue.
  13. Bonjour @Belette17120, Il peut y avoir plusieurs raisons pourquoi l'ordi plante. Assure-toi que Windows est à jour. L'une des dernières mises à jour causait quelques soucis de performance dans les jeux et une autre plus récente avec Defender. Vérifie l'état de tes disques durs. - Ouvre l'Explorateur de fichiers - Pour chaque disque à vérifier, fait un clique-droit sur le disque > Propriétés > Outils > Vérifications des erreurs > Vérifier Vérifie l'intégrité de Windows : - Ouvre un Invite de commandes ou PowerShell en mode admin et lan
  14. Hellp @Vicki Joanne, Windows 7 is still supported, at least with SP1 installed. On the other hand, Vista supports was dropped not so long ago, so .NET Framework 4.6 or higher is now required. The easiest fix would be to install the latest .NET Framework version for your OS which will also install the older ones. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework If you are on W7 pre SP1, then you are out of luck, but there could be some workarounds to install at least .NET 4.6. Thanks for pointing out outdated OS requirement, will update it in the next update.
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