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  1. deevo

    Library is empty

    Look on the taskbar, Sims4TrayImporter>App Reports.
  2. deevo

    Library is empty

    Run App Reports then post the result.
  3. deevo

    Library is empty

    Hello @lenaesd, How are you trying to open the Preferences page? ⌘+, (Command+Comma) or taskbar>Sims4TrayImporter>Preferences should both work. I see two Sims 4 folders, make sure to select the right language in Preferences since the save folder name is localized. If you cannot open Preferences at all, run App Reports then post the result.
  4. Arf, c'est vraiment étrange, pour qu'ils fonctionnent tu ne devrais avoir qu'à activer les Modifications de script et les Contenus Personnalisés. Si tu avais déplacé ou renommé ton dossier de parties, elles existent peut être toujours ou alors elles sont dans la corbeille. Recuva ? Généralement il fonctionne bien, mais plus le temps passe moins les fichiers sont récupérables.
  5. Hello @Nia2227, Make sure your game is up to date or try to repair your game via Origin. Try to launch the game in offline mode, open Origin then click Origin>Go Offline. If you suspect one of your mods to be the problem, rename or move the Mods folder, then launch the game to see if the problem is still there. If the problem disappear then you have a broken mod, else it's something else. If you can't see your households: Make sure your households are saved in your library, else it wont work. You may have to change the settings: Open File>Settings>Game (taskbar>Sims4TrayImporter>Preferences on Mac) Change/Fix the path You you're not sure, open File>App Reports and post the result. To insert an image/file in your message, just drag it over your message, else the option is just below the editor. To change the site language, look on top right or bottom left of the each pages.
  6. deevo


    Hello @enola2808, download this one: Download - Stable | Mono (mono-project.com) If you trouble launching it, look here: FAQ - Troubleshooting (MacOS) - Aide - LuniverSims
  7. .Net Core is cross platform, so it will be bundled in the app. The down side is that it won't support El Captain and older MacOS versions, but they will be able to download the legacy version.
  8. Maybe it was to fix the memory usage on startup? But now that it works, I'll won't touch it. The icons are there, if you look closer you should see the arrows. The problem is the current toolkit doesn't allow to know which theme is selected. Anyway I'm about to ditch the old toolkit in favor to a more modern one that run on .Net Core, which means better performance and no more Mono dependency!
  9. Hello @Ziva, I don't know what can cause this, but you can take a look here: If you need permission to open an item on Mac - Apple Support If you migrated to Big Sur since then, you may need to reinstall both Mono and S4TI. But maybe @twmuse know better than me?
  10. Have you tried the fix above ? #126873 I see them on the right hand side of the window.
  11. But you lost the fast scrolling
  12. It works great on Windows but it seems to have an issue on Mac. I will revert the change to see if the background loading was the issue. Here's the fix: Sims4TrayImporter_20201122_fiximgloading.zip
  13. And not from the previous versions? Yup, images are loaded in background, but you should see a progress icon while images are loading.
  14. Maybe S4TI is not compatible with BigSure? The red squares indicate that there was a problem loading the images. Do all items in your library have a red square? Try to update Mono.
  15. deevo

    CC deleted

    Hello @Zewo, The game should not have removed any files from your save folder. Have you reenabled custom contents after the update? Look in the Recycle Bin. Check the selected game language in Origin, changing the language will change the save folder location. Check if you have more than one "Sims 4" folder in Documents\Electronic Arts. You can use TOOLS>Find Package to search for a particular key/id, but if the files are no longer in your Mods folder you'll need to have someone else search their Mods folder.
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