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Ce site utilise des cookies !

Les cookies nous permettent de personnaliser le contenu et les annonces, d'offrir des fonctionnalités relatives aux médias sociaux et d'analyser notre trafic. Nous partageons également des informations sur l'utilisation de notre site avec nos partenaires de médias sociaux, de publicité et d'analyse, qui peuvent combiner celles-ci avec d'autres informations que vous leur avez fournies ou qu'ils ont collectées lors de votre utilisation de leurs services.


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While some cookies will almost always be set by the Suite, there are some cookies that are set only in very specific circumstances.  If you have a need to identify all cookies the Suite may set, the following is a list of cookies and their intended purposes.

  • ips4_hasJS

This cookie is set by javascript and then later read to determine if javascript is supported in the user agent.

  • ips4_ipsTimezone

This cookie is set by javascript to detect the user's local time zone so that the software can adapt the displaying of times automatically.

  • ips4_IPSSessionFront

This is a session tracking cookie, used to track the user between page clicks.

  • ips4_member_id

This cookie would contain the user's member ID, used to "remember" the user in case their session ends between visits.

  • ips4_pass_hash

This cookie would contain a hash used to validate that the viewing user's member ID was not forged (it is not the actual password hash).

  • ips4_cms_filters (Pages only)

This cookie would track filters set by a user when filtering content in the Pages application.

  • ips4_ipsApprovalQueueSplash (Moderators only)

This cookie would track that a user has acknowledged the splash screen in the Moderator CP so that it is not shown again.

  • ips4_language (Guests only)

This cookie is used to track a language preference for a guest if the site has more than one language installed and the guest user chooses a specific language to use.

  • ips4_anon_login

This cookie is used to track a user's anonymous login preference if they choose this option during the login process.

  • ips4_theme (Guests only)

This cookie is used to track a theme preference for a guest if the site has more than one theme installed and the guest user chooses a specific theme to use.

  • ips4_ipbforumpass_XXX

When a forum has a specific password set, this cookie is set once a user logs in to that forum to validate that they have logged in on subsequent page loads.

  • ips4_thumbnailSize (Gallery only)

This cookie tracks what type of table layout to use in Gallery listings (list view, small thumbnails or large thumbnails)

Be aware that third party addons may set cookies as well, and that third party services integrated with the Suite (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Logins) may also set their own cookies.




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  2. Promotions en ce moment sur les bâtiments de plage Et des bâtiment exclusifs disponibles pour un temps limité : Château colossal, Needles de l'Ile de Wight, Zone commerciale de la jetée, Luioles de mer, Centre des otaries
  3. This is the Wine version, now that's a completely different story! Is The Sims 4.app/Contents/Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.package really exists? Looks for drive_c in the sims 4 bundle. If you find it, look for Program Files then try to locate The Sims 4 folder. Once located, open Preferences then enter that location in the Data field. e.g. [Data] /Applications/The Sims 4.app/Contents/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ For compatibility with the native mac app it would be great if they create some symlinks to Data, Delta and ?P?? in the Contents folder.
  4. View File Luis Jiménez For Color palette Challenge Can you see the full speed-sim in my youtube channel. Enjoy Submitter Samasita Submitted 23/07/19 Category Sims Homme Thèmes  
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Can you see the full speed-sim in my youtube channel. Enjoy
  6. im not sure how to open it up on a Mac. please help. Im so confused
  7. tu m'as porté la poisse Marion ! je n'avais aucun problème jusqu'à ce matin : une pub qui devait me permettre de terminer rapidement une tâche de 1h45 pour une simette enceinte - et paf ! écran noir du désespoir, plantage et finalement action à mener au bout tout ça c'est de ta faute
  8. Typically I just open the app bundle then browse to Contents/MacOS/ and double-click on Sims4TrayImporter. Although you should be able to do it from the app icon by using the Open With>More command and selecting Terminal, I don't remember if it keeps the Terminal open to see the output.
  9. So if it doesn't work even with the hardcoded paths, then it's not working for anyone! ☹ The best bet would be to run it through the Terminal to see where it fails. But it would be better doing it with the official release. An alternative solution would be a VM + S4TI for Windows.
  10. So still not working App Installation: - Download S4TI - Double-click on the downloaded file to extract. - Double-click on the extracted app to open it. If the app doesn't start or if you receive an error message, most of the time it was blocked by GateKeeper, righ-click on the app icon then select Open and if asked allow it to run. Does the newer Mono version show up in App Reports?
  11. @sxnflower one more try Sims4TrayImporter_20190722-4.zip This one only use hardcoded paths.
  12. Don't worry But I have to find where the problem is since others may have the same problem. And I need to find a Mac if I want to find it faster.
  13. Select Open With then More I plan to rewrite it from scratch, maybe I will have more luck this way.
  14. Good to know you will continue to work on it I deleted the folder 3 times but the cc problem is still there. plus I cannot open the terminal with S4TI the option is not there
  15. That means there's an error way before the initialisation! Have you tried to open it with Terminal to see if it output something? Also try this: Go to /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.teameevo.sims4trayimporter and delete it. This will reset all saved settings in S4TI. I hope so, but Mac is giving me hard time!
  16. the isinstalled is false still ;-; I appreciate all your help I don't want to stress you out I really love your application and I hope you continue to make it
  17. @sxnflower this one should work! Sims4TrayImporter_20190722-2.zip This is only a temporary solution since IsInstalled should always return True. As long the path is Ok you should be fine else it will just crash. Btw, you can clear the Custom Folders since they are not valid.
  18. Definitely /Applications/The Sims 4.app. And still the same with App Reports? You can try with Terminal to see what it will output. Right-click on S4TI app then select Open With>Terminal.
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