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[Divers] Simllywood: FloorWorks (Set 1)

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Simllywood: FloorWorks (Set 1)

Hello Everyone

I'm pleased to introduce you to a part of the new game pack I'm working on. 


This is a small pack of some flooring I doing for the pack. It has 8 different designs all with a 14k gold trims idea for the rich look to these tiles, in addition, this does cast 50$ Simoleon dollars and can help bring up the pricing of the houses in build(s) mode, very fast to make the home worth a lot. So use at your own risk and I would recommend you to use my other mod here to help cover the prices once you are done building it or use the Weerbesu UI on MTS here.


The Sims 4 Base game with/out any stuff or expansion packs installed!


Installation Detail: 
Are found in the readme. Please download it for installation assistance.


Downloading info:

This download is CC but DO NOT REQUIRE MESHES, only in-game content to operate. This package must be placed into your "Mods folder", either under my folder (if you have one) or with the roots mod folder. that is, it!


Footer Notes:

If you need support or have any question(s) feel free to PM, (Private Messaging) me. Be advised; I'll get back to you ASAP (As So as Possible). 


If you like what I have shared here feel free to leave "Comments" (below), as it's always nice to see once in a will? You can also follow me by clicking the follow button (above, next to my user name) to help keep in the know on Mod the Sims of any latest gameplay breakthroughs, updates, or creations I come up with.


I hope you enjoy and happy Simming.


Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio


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