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does anyone know how to fix this?

Karmen Wong

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@Colleen Monhollen Before restoring the previous version please send the error message you got when it crash so that I can try to fix it.🤔


You may still have a copy of the previous version in your Downloads folder, but you can download any previous versions by going here then scroll to the bottom of the the page and click on the button next to the Change log:



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Il y a 10 heures, Colleen Monhollen a dit :

Ok the 1.6.5 version is doing the same thing well here is the pics I took hope you can help I really love the STI The pic that shows check box for all cc then when I click export it gives me the code on the other pic please help.


Seeing the first screenshot I see why there is an error. 🤔

This give me a hint where lie the error but it would make things easier if you could click on the Details button to expose the full error log, then copy and paste the content.


Or since it's a message box you can also just press Ctrl+C to copy the entire content. 😉

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Here's the fix! ^^



I wasn't able to reproduct the error, so I downloaded some of the lots listed in your Library then I finally got the error message. 😮

The error was caused by a mesh which the file was missing some info so I just put a check to prevent the error.

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This was caused by how S4TI handle files and since I don't use much CC I never encountered this bug.

To prevent cluttering the export list the swatches are removed from the cc list, but that seems to cause some little bugs which result in errors.

So I just make sure for now that the files are not already in the list to prevent the error.


I still need to fix the problem as you can seen on the screenshot, items with a gray dot have lost their parent and are the ones causing all this mess. 😮



I found another bug, so a new fix is coming! 😉

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