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Missing CC

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Hi everyone.

I've been having a problem recently with playing sims 4 with CC...
So I've been using CC for quiet a while and suddenly everything is missing from my game, or at least it seems like it's missing. When I open the game every single sim is naked which I created with CC but when I go to change their look I can repute the same cloths which I used originally. So everything is working basicly just I should recreate my whole game including houses and households. (Same thing is happening with furniture and everything)
They can walk through a bed which was perfectly working a week ago and sometimes when I want to place something it says: Script Failed. I put it down and then it disapears.

The other think is that when I open Sims Tray Importer and want to delete unwanted CC it doesn't show the list of the broken stuff. I've been using S4TI also for a long time, and it used to work perfectly...

(I tried a lot of the suggestions which I found here but non of it worked)

Névtelen 2.png


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