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S4TI MAC! ~ Link does not work!


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So, I play the Sims on and off and am trying to start a tumblr page where I post my custom content finds and therefore need Sims 4 Tray Importer to find the names of custom content I used.  I also need it to locate my bad custom content!  I just downloaded a load of new custom content and have a lot of bad ones, but when I open the app, it opens fine and then I click on a household and my mac alerts me that S4TI closed unexpectedly.  I figured out I needed to update so I deleted my old app and found this website and downloaded the .exe package without realizing my mac couldn't open it.  So, I clicked on the link for the mac compatible app, but the website tells me the page cannot be found.  Help!  How do I get this link????

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Bonjour à tous,

Nous vous prions de nous excusez pour ce désagrément mais le S4TI pour MAC n'est plus disponible. L'appli ne fonctionne plus avec les dernières mise à jour des Sims 4 et le développeur ne souhaite plus assurer de support sur MAC (plateforme qu'il ne possède pas et qui complique énormément son développement...) :triste5:




S4TI for MAC is no longer available. The app no longer works with the latest update of the Sims 4 and the developer does not want to provide support on MAC (platform it does not have and which greatly complicates its development ...) :triste5:

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I just downloaded the new Beta S4ti for Mac. It seems to be having the same problem as before. Yes, I dowloaded mono (2nd link, 2nd download) and installed. 

I still cannot click any item that is made past the Nov. update. Whenever I do the whole software removes itself from dock and disappears. But I can interact with items before the update perfectly fine.


Thanks so much for trying to help your Mac users and I'm positive you can fix this issues!

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Here's the specs of my computer. I downloaded the updated version of the S4ti and the latest version of Mono. Im getting the notification that S4ti cant be opened. Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong. These are the steps I take

1. I uninstalled any older versions of S4ti and mono.

2. I downloaded and installed the latest version of mono.

3. I downloaded, unzipped, and moved the updated version of S4ti to applications 

4. I double clicked S4ti and it gave me that box saying it cant be opened.

PLEASE HELP!!!:help::triste5:

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