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S4TI - The Basic

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The Basic (require version 1.6 and up or beta 1.5.5 and up)



Click FILE>Import or Drag & Drop the files you want to import.
Supported file types: .zip, .rar, .7z, .trayitem
Note: importing archive that only contains CC is currently not supported.

Click FILE>Export or the related task button if you want to include the CCs.






Search box
Use the search box to quickly find items. Click X to reset this filter.

The 3 icons (HH,BP,RO)
Filter items by category (Household, Lot & Room). Click on All to reset this filter.

The Gear icon
Filters items by user group (All, Mine & Others). You must fill in your username for it to work.

Once you entered your username, it will be highlighted and replaced by the keyword " you ".

Not set :(
Set ^^







Show the selected item info.


Clicking the username will show more options:



List all files for the selected item.


Double-click on file to locate it or

Right-click for more options.

List all cc files for the selected item.

Double-click on file to locate it or
Right-click for more options.






Export (Save)

Create a zip archive with or without CC.

Here you can recover the gallery url if the item was uploaded to the Gallery.

You can now also recover the search the Gallery for contents created by the same user. (Same as clicking the username in General tab)
Note: The recovered url doesn't contains the international part since it could stop the url from working if your language doesn't match. So let the server decide which one to use! ;)

More (Hamburger)
Too many stuffs here to discuss... but this new button allows to access in an easy way almost all the features available for each sections.

More... General

  • Edit
    Edit item details like name, description, tags, number of bathroom/bedroom or simply *get rid of the CC tag*. oO
    *Will not work for custom images!! :(
  • Background
    Chose one of three default backgrounds; None, Default, Game or use your own one by selecting *Custom.
    Choosing Custom will also offer the option to stretch or scale the image.
  • Convert
    Save the current picture as an image file (.png or .jpg).
    Useful if you want to use it somewhere.
    Note: This can also be done from the Files section, just right-click on any .hhi, .sgi, .bpi or .rmi files then click Convert.
  • Replace
    Open the Replace Images box. Use your own images!
    Warning: Editing images will cause your creations to be reported as Custom Content is you share them on the Gallery.


More... Files

  • Open Tray folder
    Open the Tray folder in Windows Explorer or the default file manager.
  • Context
    The context menu connected to the listview (yes the one accessible by right-clicking :P).


More... CC

  • Open Mods folder
    Open the Mods folder in File Explorer (Windows Explorer) or the default file manager.
  • Custom folders
    Here you can manage some additional folders to include when retrieving CC.
    The main use is to retrieve the original .package if your Mods folder contains some merged packages.
  • Details
    Enter details mode where you can view and edit custom info about each CC, call it a kind of lookbook.
    This info will be useful if some CCs was removed for some reasons.
    You can even pack these details while exporting your creations, which will make life easier to those that will download them.
  • Context
    The context menu connected to the listview (yes the one accessible by right-clicking :P).




La traduction française elle est où ?  Ça vient ! Ça vient !  :/

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  • 2 months later...

Bonjour, je cherche à exporter mes créations (avec cc) afin de les sauvegarder mais il m'est impossible de choisir la fonction "exporter avec le contenu".  Lorsque je clic sur





la disquette ou sur la flèche bas, une fenêtre s'ouvre et me propose d'enregistrer sous....



mais uniquement les fichiers suivants :



Comme je change de pc je voudrais être sûre de récupérer mes créations avec les cc.

Est-ce que la sauvegarde des fichiers suffit?

Pourquoi je n'arrive pas à sélectionner "exporter avec le contenu"?


Merci pour votre aide

et Bonne année à tous!


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