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Tray Importer can't locate install location


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So the problem is showed on the picture below.. 

I tried to manually set it, but no luck. It only directs me to "C:\Program Files\The Sims 4\Game\Bin and I can't select 'ts4.exe'.. In the bin, there are only core,phyton and res folders, and I can't select anything but that.. 

Does someone has the solution for this?


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Hi @jelenap,


This dialog only allows to change the game location and change language.

Note: This dialog only show folders, not files.


Which version are you using?

Previous versions had a bug where the path stay unchanged even after selecting the right one.

Latest version is available here: http://luniversims.com/files/file/73-sims-4-tray-importer/


Did you uncheck the Auto Detect box?


The selected folder must contains a folder called Game which itself contains Bin\TS4.exe.

So if your game is installed in D:\Games\The Sims 4, you must select D:\Games\The Sims 4 and not D:\Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\TS4.exe.

A message will popup if you select a wrong folder.

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Hi! Thanks for your reply! My version is v1.5.1 .. I tried few things again after posting the topic, and i did it!

I've set the install location at C:/Program Files/The Sims 4 and it worked! THIS PROGRAM IS SO HELPFUL!

Thank you for offering the solution!

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  • 2 years later...

Hi, i know this topic is pretty old but i just download the S4TI but im having the same issue, my game located on D not on C. And when i select the folders manually it didn't show up, auto check off too. When i click auto check trying to detect the game in C. I turn it off and click save but none of my builds and sims doesn't show up. I wondering something S4TI doesn't work torrent sims ???








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il y a 36 minutes, sophiapotter a dit :

Is game language and pc language has to be same ? Cuz it isn't. Does it effect?

They don't have to be same, but depending on the language set in the game, the game may assign a different folder name.

e. g.

English => 'Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4'

French => 'Documents\Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4'

What is the game language?


il y a 45 minutes, sophiapotter a dit :

Idk what it cause also i just noticed i don't have that import/export available too. I must be doing something wrong....

Open HELP>System Diagnostics to get more info.

Export is only available if an item is selected, while Import should always be available unless something is wrong in the settings.

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