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Hi, I downloaded this yesterday it was working fine when I opened it, but halfway through deleting CC it stopped letting me delete. So I closed it and brought it back up again. and now it wont show anything.


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the link for mac does not work


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Hello @CRL94,

What do you mean by not showing anything?


Make sure you have launched the right version, there is a 32bit and a 64bit version and both will not always share the same settings.

Beside the shortcut title, you can open Help>App Reports then look at the Process line to know which version is launched.

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Hello @Omarre, the Google feature only works if a file is found. 😕
I suggest you look if the creator have some blog or to contact the creator to get the list of CC.

You can also copy the id of the missing CC then ask around if someone can find it in their Mods folder.

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I've just become aware of S4TI and am looking forward to using it. I've downloaded the latest version (Version according to the page) and have attempted to install it. Unfortunately the installation fails with the message "Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 or better is not installed"


This is a problem given that the computer is running Windows 7.  Before anyone tells me that Win 7 is End Of Life, I am well aware of that fact. This particular installation is very secure as it is air-gapped, which is not something that can be done reliably with Windows 10. So let's not argue about it please ... it will only waste everyone's time.


Given that the download page itself tells us that Windows 7 requires .Net Framework 4.5.2, it would appear that the software, as it stands at the moment, is unusable for me.


So ... is this a bug which can be corrected, or should I try to find an older version of the software? If the software no longer supports Win7, I full understand, and would be happy with an older version.






EDIT: I should note ... I repaired the installation of .Net before I posted.

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Hellp @Vicki Joanne,
Windows 7 is still supported, at least with SP1 installed.
On the other hand, Vista supports was dropped not so long ago, so .NET Framework 4.6 or higher is now required.
The easiest fix would be to install the latest .NET Framework version for your OS which will also install the older ones.


If you are on W7 pre SP1, then you are out of luck, but there could be some workarounds to install at least .NET 4.6.

Thanks for pointing out outdated OS requirement, will update it in the next update. 😉

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