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New to Tray Importer

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Hi, I'm new to tray Importer and trying to figure out how to use it properly.  I don't speak French and keep trying to copy/paste on Google translate to find information. It would be nice if you had a translator built into the program that could translate discussions and information posted into several languages around the world.


Now on to the issue at hand. I have several old cc that I really like but seem to be outdated and broken.  I've been trying to research on how to repair them.  So far all the information out there seems to point to how to remove not repair.  I really like these and would rather repair them not remove them. So far I've been able to repair about 60% of them on my own from learning how to create them, so that's a plus. The issue I'm having with Tray Importer is when I use Find Conflicts. So far I've figured out some of the Mods - "lists", but there are 2 of them that I can't find any information on what they mean and how to use that information to repair any of the files.  Overrides and Conflicts. I'm guessing that Overrides just overrides game files in the actual game but these 20 files do not correlate to any CC that I have. They all are either ClientDeltaBuild or ClientFullBuild packages.  What are they and if I remove them how could they affect the Mods/CC? Under Conflicts I'm starting to figure out so issues like duplicate files conflicting with each other. However, some files such as an eyes file from to different people seem to be causing a conflict.  How do I resolve them with out deleting one or the other?


It would be nice if there was a manual/tutorial on how to use all the different features of Tray Importer........especially in other languages from around the world.

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Hello @MaddMartigan,
Most modern browsers allow to translate almost any sites you visite without having to resort to a translation service to translate a part of the site.
And most translation services also allow to paste the link of the page you want to translate.

By scrolling to the bottom of the page you will find the Language (Langue) link which allows to change the language of the interface, but content will remain in French.

The most useful tools for repairing CCs are S4PE and S4Studio:
Mod The Sims - s4pe
Sims 4 Studio
S4S include some batch fix tools that can help revive outdated CCs.


Overrides are as you guessed it original contents replacement. It's similar to Conflicts but for the game content.
Don't delete/modify the root files (Client*Build, Simulation*Build), you will break your game.
Instead expand the nodes to see which files are conflicting with the original contents.


Conflicts will contain the list of all conflicts in your Mods folders.
Typically, the first file should be the one that the game will load, but it's not necessarily true.


Il y a 2 heures, MaddMartigan a dit :

some files such as an eyes file from to different people seem to be causing a conflict.  How do I resolve them with out deleting one or the other?

It's hard to tell, some issues are minor but others will cause bugs in game. It'll depend on the conflicting resources.

If they are default replacement eyes, look for their standalone counterparts, most creators have both.
Or you can clone them in S4S to make them unique.



Il y a 2 heures, MaddMartigan a dit :

It would be nice if there was a manual/tutorial on how to use all the different features of Tray Importer

Yep I know, we really need some tutorials. Anyone willing to write one is welcome. 😉

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OK, thank you for the info.  I did try the language selection but English and French are the only options.  Since I use English it was already set to English. However, a lot of the content is still in French. Because I can't read French, I have know idea which topic is the correct one I'm looking for, it's like shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the right target. I understand that the original developers were French, but a simple translator added to convert all topics to other languages would help propel the software to multiple countries around the world, not just English or French.  Again thanks for the info, slowly weeding through the files to figure which ones are conflicting with one another. I've been using S4S a lot. I've gotten down the basics of how to make/manipulate CC with it.  It, along with Gimp has been great at fixing a lot of the stuff.  Even going through and using Batch Fixes has help for most of the issues. I was even able to manipulate and create my own CC using someone else's templates, of course it can't be shared online without at least acknowledging the original artist. I've never used Mod the Sims other than for some cool CC or Mods to download, kinda a rookie and trying to learn all of this.  Never new there was an actual creation tool as well there.  Thanks will try that one out.  Also been using Skininator to create some cool skin designs.  Trying to figure out how to make flaming and clear ice skins.  I'm a big fan of comics, so trying to create F4 Human Torch and Iceman. Already made Colossus skin and his uniform and Nightcrawler's uniform. I'm making a world where Marvel, DC and other characters are replacing the standard characters, so that when your character is at the bar, gift shop, salon, etc, will be hanging out with the heroes/villains. So far it's looking kinda cool.  Again I really appreciate all the info you've given me.  I think I spend more time trying redesign stuff than actually playing the game.  Hopefully some of this knowledge will help my kids next year in school as they start learning coding.

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There used to be more languages available, I'll have to ask where they are gone.


I have no control over the missing translations, at least I don't think I have, but I will ask around. 😉
The forum is powered by Invision, so not sure what can be done to automate the translation process.

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