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  1. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Thank you, that last bit did the trick, latest version 1.6.1 now working on VM, did not see the beta you posted till now. Should I use that one instead?
  2. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    Well did the steps in order, no luck, and now the beta that was working no longer works. I may just dump the VM and do a full reinstall of windows. here is the .net error error.txt
  3. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Not sure if this says anything
  4. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    Well The VM does not have a ProgramData folder?
  5. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo S4TI is on the windows side, the sims are shared folders to the windows side. So I "Think" it would be the same as if it was on an external drive as far as the windows side is concerned.
  6. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Well it is installed on the windows side, virtualbox makes it own hard drive partition. I will try what you say in a few days, I am away from that machine for a bit.
  7. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Yes tried normal and as admin, it will not even start to launch.
  8. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    No, I mean, when I run the windows version on windows 10 virtual box. Main machine, is Mac, has windows 10 on virtual box.
  9. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    And that, I believe would be the keeper, all seems to be working spot on, now to find the full instructions for this version, and see what all the goodies do. Thank you many, many times over for getting this working, in this oddball way of doing it on a Mac.
  10. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    Well tried that S4TI_GameInfo.txt
  11. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Ok I will give that a try here in a few. A little confused here Do I point it to my Sims save folder, or just make a saves folder on the windows side?
  12. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    Well it starts up fine, but none of my households, or anything shows up. I tried a few different paths to the documents folder, but no luck. When you change the file path, it goes to restart for changes to take effect, and pops up the config paths window each time set to auto again, like it is not saving. When I uncheck the auto box, it shows the paths I set, but nothing actually showing.
  13. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Yes, I had to set both the game and documents folder paths.
  14. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    As you said, I think without a full windows version of the sims it would not work. I run windows 10 on VirtualBox, and have it set up to share the applications and documents folder on the mac os side., this is how I had it set up to use mod conflict detector, till it stopped working on windows 10 after the last few windows updates. The paths that worked on Mod Conflict Detector was like this: Documents -> /\\VBOXSVR\Documents/ Applications -> \\VBOXSVR\Applications/The Sims Game\Bin -> MacOS (This one I am not sure what part you are looking for.
  15. S4TI on Virtual Machine

    @deevo Well that is what I was trying to see if it would work.