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  1. Bonjour @Utylo, Est-ce que tu as essayé PlayOnLinux ou WineHQ ?
  2. beta

    Beta disponible ! [Français] ---------------------------------------------- • UniPlugin 0.8.2 Corrige un problème avec Firefox où le contenu copier n'est pas coller correctement en utilisant le menu. • Corrigé un problème dans le dialogue Configurer les chemins qui empêchait de modifier l'emplacement du jeu. • Ajouté l'arperçu des traits dans l'onglet Contenu personnalisé. [English] ---------------------------------------------- • Fixed a bug in Config Paths dialog that was preventing to edit the game location. • Added traits preview in CC tab.
  3. Hi @Maddie, I think I found the problem. Can you place the mouse just hover the box surrounded in red to reveal the full path in the tooltip? If the tooltip don't display the same path as the one in the text box, here is the problem!
  4. Seems like you have moved the folder from it original location without updating the registry. Doing a repair from Origin should fix the problem. If for some reasons you cannot repair the game... Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game\Bin then check if TS4.exe exists. If you only find TS4_x64.exe, this tool always assumes that both TS4.exe and TS4_x64.exe exist and never check for the latter, which will result in invalid path. If none of TS4.exe or TS4_x64.exe exist, you may need to repair your game. You may also try to update your game, 1.29 is the latest one, this should fix the problem, unless you have a good reason to not doing so.
  5. beta

    Hi @Akihime Mirai, Did you get any error message ? Are you using the beta or the release ?
  6. Du nouveau !!! Y'avait pas plus petit ?!
  7. Hi @Maddie, Please use the HELP > Game Info Debugging menu from the main window, then paste the result.
  8. I will not add it today, but it should be available in the final version.
  9. Great, one less bug! Sometime it's me, sometime it's the PC fault... most of the time it's me, just look at the long list of fixes! I don't remember how we end up with those popups, but sure they are pretty handy. I mean a new column in Tray Importer to show the full Pack name, just to be sure. I don't own any SPs, so that's probably why I missed this bug.
  10. Would you like me to add a new column to show the current Pack?
  11. I'm sure you're not the only one with this problem and that's why it's always important to report any errors. The crash should be fixed now. Just pickup the latest beta.
  12. beta

    Beta disponible ! [Français] ---------------------------------------------- • Corrigé un problème lorsqu'un bambin est sélectionné dans l'onglet Général. [English] ---------------------------------------------- • Fixed a crash while selecting a toddler in the General tab.
  13. Thanks @LuvMySimz, I'll try to find a fix.
  14. Click the Details button on the lower left of the error message to reveal the full log then copy the content.
  15. beta

    Beta disponible ! [Français] ---------------------------------------------- • Corrigé un problème avec le contenu de Pack indiqué comme manquant. [English] ---------------------------------------------- • Fixed a bug where items can be reported as missing Pack even if the Pack is installed.